Causes of late arrival

No one is sure why some babies make a delayed entrance into the world. Nothing you did or didn’t do during your pregnancy caused your baby to take up an extended residence in your uterus.

However, you may be more likely to deliver late if you:

  • This is your first pregnancy
  • Have had babies born late in the past
  • Overdue pregnancy runs in your family
  • Were yourself born late
  • The exact date of the start of your last menstrual period isn’t known
  • Your baby is a boy
  • You’re obese

Enough already!

Rarely, overdue pregnancy might be related to problems with the placenta or the baby.

Whatever the cause, you’re probably tired of being pregnant by this point. Your back might ache and your ankles might be swollen. You might be struggling with heartburn and hemorrhoids. You might have trouble sleeping because you simply can’t get comfortable — or anxiety about childbirth might keep you awake.

Rest assured, an overdue pregnancy won’t last forever. Labor could begin at any time.


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