Self-perception: emotions and our hair

Confidence about our bodies often mirrors our inner emotional lives. Major transitions can cause huge emotional shifts, like a partner entering or leaving your life, that triggers an emotional “earthquake,” and, yes, menopause qualifies. With such events, the hair on our bodies may or may not have changed much, but the way we see ourselves has. If you feel that the excess hair is needs to be “fixed,” ask yourself first whether this growth is sudden, or has happened gradually over time. And also determine if there really a difference in your hair growth, or if you are you looking at yourself differently these days.

Excessive or unwanted body and facial hair is a long-term challenge. Most women with diagnosed hormonal imbalances respond well to treatment, but the hair can grow back if your hormone levels become out of sync again. The condition can be embarrassing and may make you self-conscious. Counseling and support from friends and family can help you to cope with the condition.


Doctor who deals hirsutism specializes in hormone disorders (Endocrinologist) or skin problems (Dermatologist).


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