When will the baby get a bath and an exam

After your baby’s temperature has remained stable for at least a few hours, a nurse will give him a sponge bath and wash his hair if needed. Baths usually take place in the nursery, where the baby is put under radiant heat to warm up afterward, but you can ask for your child to be bathed in your room and then placed in contact with you and covered with a blanket to keep warm.

Your baby will get a complete pediatric exam. Like the bath, this is usually done in the nursery but can be done in your room instead.

Some mothers prefer to have their babies spend some time in the nursery so they can rest. Others don’t want to be separated for any amount of time, including for exams and procedures. Be sure to let the staff know your preference. Keep in mind that if you’re breastfeeding, it makes sense to keep the baby in your room, as you’ll want to feed him – or at least offer him your breast – every few hours.



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