Lip Art

It seems the need to push the lipstick boundaries is becoming increasingly evident. Lip art designs via interesting textures, effects and designs are sweeping the social media landscape … and we want a piece of the action.
Read the following how to create three fantastic (and wearable) lip art looks. Enjoy!


Lip Art Look 1

Red Foilred foil

What You Need:

  • Bright Red Lip Color
  • Glitter (Face & Body Glitter in Gold)

Step 1: Apply your red lipstick. Make sure it’s pigmented and rich in color.

Step 2: Using a damp, flat brush, dab gold glitter to the middle of the lips and to the outer corners. Layer on glitter to the concentrated areas to ensure an intense gold effect.


Lip Art Look 2

Navy & Whitenavy white

What You Need:

  • White Lipstick
  • Navy Blue Lipstick

Step 1: Apply your navy lipstick to the top left and bottom right side of the lips.

Step 2: Apply your white lip color to the top right and bottom left side of the lips.

Step 3: Gently press the lips together to blend out the color, and use a lip brush or cosmetic sponge to blur it more, if needed.


Lip Art Look 3

Pink Ombré pink ombre

What You Need:

  • Neon Pink Lip Color
  • Neon Peach Lip Color
  • Deep Coral Lip Color
  • Light Peach Lip Color
  • Clear Gloss

Step 1: Apply your bright, neon pink along the top of the top lip.

Step 2: Apply your neon peach lip color along the bottom of the top lip (nearest the center of the mouth).

Step 3: Apply your deep coral color along the top of the bottom lip (nearest the center of the mouth).

Step 4: Apply your lightest peach along the bottom of the bottom lip.

Step 5: Gently press lips together to blot and blend the colors. Use a lip brush to further blur the color, if needed.

Step 6: Finish with a coat of clear gloss. Use the lip brush and dab it on, to keep the ombré effect in tact.



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