Eye Shadow Palettes for your Eye Color

In a perfect world, all makeup looks and products would be created equal. They would match every skin tone, eye color and face shape perfectly. Alas, makeup is not a one-size-fits-all kinda thing.

This cruel reality can be especially evident with eye makeup. There are hundreds upon hundreds of gorgeous shades, color combinations and textures out there, but not every one of them is going to be complementary to your eye color. And, since eyes are the crown jewels of our faces, we want to show them off, right? Well, to help you out, we hunted down the perfect eye shadow palette for your eye color. Oh, and we threw in an eye shadow look to boot! The world may be a little more perfect than we thought.

For Blue Eyes …blue-eyes-685x334

You blue-eyed ladies have it good. Your peepers have been envied far and wide for centuries. Heck, people go so far as to wear contacts to channel your aquamarine beauty! And since we’re all about flaunting what you’ve got, we here to help make those baby blues stand out even more. You and your baby blue have it pretty good. It’s likely your bright, ocean-colored eyes are the first thing people notice. Well, give ‘em even more reason to stare by trying a sultry, brown smoky eye that provides the perfect color contrast for your eyes!

Step 1: Using a flat shadow brush, apply a matte brown to the lower half of the lid. Make sure to not cover the entire lid!

Step 2: Buff a burnt orange shade just above the matte brown, just up to the crease. Make sure to blend the shadow well so the color transition is seamless.

Step 3: Work a soft, peach shade into the crease.

Step 4: Finish off the look by layering a taupe shadow just above the crease. Blend the color well so it’s subtle.

For Hazel Eyes …hazel-2

You hazel-eyed ladies are sitting pretty in a state of happy medium. Your not-quite-green-not-quite-brown peepers literally get the best of both color worlds, leaving those of us with solid eye shades completely jealous. Green with envy, if you will. Your eyes are quite an enigma. You’re not quite brown and not quite green, but somehow manage to get the best of both worlds. You lucky lady. Own those dual-colored eyes by rocking an eye look that mimics the same green-to-brown ratio.

Step 1: Apply a matte green eye shadow along the lower lash line.

Step 2: Take a brown matte eye shadow and work it into the outer corner of the eye. Make sure to brush the color inward.

Step 3: Apply a burnt orange-brown to the lid, focusing on the center and crease. Make sure to blend it well once you hit the the outer corner of eye so the color transition is seamless.

Step 4: Take a vanilla shade and brush it into the inner corners of the eyes to brighten the look and make your hazel peepers pop.

For Brown Eyesbrown eyes

Never underestimate the power of brown-eyes. Chocolate-colored peepers have a mystique all their own. A little chrome effect goes a long way with your brown peepers. Start with neutral, earthy browns as a base and top it off with a soft, shimmery finish for an illuminating eye look that will deepen and dramatize your eye color.

Step 1: Prime the eye area by applying a matte brown base color to the lid, working it into the crease.

Step 2: Take a shimmery brown shadow and dust it over the base color, covering the entire lid.

Step 3:  Highlight the center of the lid by swiping on a light shadow primer. Pat the color with your finger to blend it in without disrupting the base shadows.

Step 4: Layer on an iridescent, ivory shimmer shadow over the entire look and, starting at the crease, blend it outward so it transitions seamlessly.

For Green Eyes …green eyes

They say green eyes are the rarest of all the eye colors. According to science this is because a number of factors have to come together like a perfect storm. This is probably why emerald-eyed beauties are such a hot commodity and why they’re the subject of serious envy. Your emerald eyes are a rare commodity, so you better put those babies on display. Offset the green with rusty orange eye makeup to really make them pop. Make sure to blend the shadow out well so it has more of a smoky effect and to avoid overly concentrated color.

Step 1: Prime the lids and apply a soft lilac shade to the lid and lower lash line.

Step 2: Line the upper lid with a black pencil eyeliner. Make sure the line is thin and subtle.

Step 3: Pat on a rusty orange shadow to the center of the lid and the outer corners of the eye. Blend it outward very well.



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