Written instructions after Surgery

These instructions should include, about care after surgery are usually given to you and your caregivers.

  • The care of the surgical wound and dressing
  • How to monitor drainage and take care of the drains
  • How to recognize signs of infection
  • Bathing and showering after surgery
  • When to call the doctor or nurse
  • When to begin using the arm and how to do arm exercises to prevent stiffness
  • What to eat and not to eat
  • Use of medicines, including pain medicines and possibly antibiotics
  • Any activity restrictions
  • What to expect regarding sensations or numbness in the breast and arm
  • When to see your doctor for a follow-up appointment


Most patients see their surgeon within 7 to 14 days after the surgery. Your surgeon should explain the results of your pathology report at this visit and talk to you about the need for further treatment. If you will need more treatment, you will be referred to a radiation oncologist and/or a medical oncologist.


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Oncologists, Breast Surgeons are the specialists who deal with the breast cancer