What is the stage of breast cancer?

The stage of the cancer tells the doctor the extent of the cancer in the breast and how far the cancer might have spread. Several tests, procedures, and reports help determine the stage of the cancer. The pathology report gives information about the size of the cancer and whether it involves the skin in front of the breast or the muscles and chest wall behind it. The report also indicates whether the lymph nodes have any cancer cells in them and how many lymph nodes are involved. In addition, the report may say whether the cancer is contained within the lymph node or if there is any cancer extension from the lymph node, through the node’s outer capsule and into the tissue outside the node (when this happens, it’s called extracapsular extension).

Stages of breast cancer



How different are the cancer cells from normal cells?

How big is the cancer?

Is there lymph node involvement?

What is the cancer’s hormone receptor status?

What is the cancer’s HER2 status?

Additional tests

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Treatment & Stages of male breast cancer

Coping and support for male breast cancer

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Oncologists, Breast Surgeons are the specialists who deal with the breast cancer