What kind of breast cancer is it?

Most breast cancers in men are ductal carcinomas. Ductal means the cancer started in the milk pipes of the breast, called ducts. These cancers are usually invasive because they start inside the duct and then break through the wall of the duct, growing into the normal surrounding breast tissue. Non-invasive breast cancers, called DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ), are uncommon in men. These cancers start and stay inside the milk ducts. Men rarely get lobular breast cancer (the kind of cancer that starts in the lobules where milk is made) because lobules are not fully formed in male breast tissue.


What is the stage of the breast cancer?

How different are the cancer cells from normal cells?

How big is the cancer?

Is there lymph node involvement?

What is the cancer’s hormone receptor status?

What is the cancer’s HER2 status?

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Treatment & Stages of male breast cancer

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Oncologists, Breast Surgeons are the specialists who deal with the breast cancer