Fine needle biopsy

Fine needle biopsy of palpable lesions (lesions that can be felt) is least invasive. It can be done in the doctor’s office. Results are often available in 24 hours. A long, thin, hollow needle is placed in the palpable abnormality. If the lesion is only seen by mammography or another test, then your doctor may need the help of this test to guide the needle to the right place. Cells are extracted through the center of the needle. A collapsible hook at the end of the needle keeps the needle in place until the surgery is done. X-rays verify that the abnormal area seen on the original X-rays is the same area into which the surgeon inserts the needle. The tissue is then sent off to pathology for analysis. This biopsy technique has the highest risk of a “false negative” — a biopsy result that says “normal,” even though a cancer is present. The reason for this is probably that the needle doesn’t always pick up the cancer cells.



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