Causes of male breast cancer

We don’t yet completely understand the causes of breast cancer in men, but researchers have found several factors that may increase the risk of getting it. As with female breast cancer, many of these factors are related to sex hormone levels in the body.

Research into the causes, prevention, and treatment of breast cancer is under way in many medical centers throughout the world. Breast Cancer (in women) contains more information on advances in treatment because almost all breast cancer clinical trials and research are done in women.

Studies continue to uncover lifestyle factors and habits that alter breast cancer risk. Ongoing studies are looking at the effect of exercise, weight gain or loss, and diet on breast cancer risk.

Studies on the best use of genetic testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations continue at a rapid pace. Some studies have found that men with mutations in these genes may be more likely to develop some other cancers, including prostate cancer, stomach cancer, pancreas cancer, and melanoma. The risks for these cancers will be further defined in future studies.

Other genes that contribute to breast cancer risk are also being identified. Scientists are also exploring how common gene variations may affect breast cancer risk. Each gene variant has only a modest effect in risk (10% to 20%), but when taken together they may possibly have a large impact.

A large ongoing study of causes of male breast cancer has identified several genetic variations associated with breast cancer risk. It reveals that the effect of these genetic variations on risk is different for men and women. This suggests differences in the biology of breast cancer in men and women. Work is ongoing to further evaluate these differences.

Potential causes of breast cancer in the environment have also received more attention in recent years. While much of the science on this topic is still in its earliest stages, this is an area of active research.


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